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Are you looking for a Summer Reading Program
performer who promotes reading throughout her
whole show?  You found her!
You have lots of choices for entertainment at
your library but here is why Star is different!
*Star encourages kids to use their library by
showing them the fun they can have and books they
can discover
mentions and displays specific books
*Star themes her show each year to fit the popular
theme.  2013 will have her presenting a
"Dig into
Reading" magic show!
*Star is grateful to Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural
Heritage Fund which sponsors many of her Legacy
What are Librarians saying about the show,  
  here are a few official MELSA comments

*“People stopped me afterwards to specifically thank me for
this program.”

“She arrived a half hour early and had everything set up within
15 minutes”

“She related well to a very large crowd , kept everyone
engaged for her 35
minute performance”

“Star’s program is full of magic, humor, and energy, She is
flexible and plans a lot
of audience participation into her program.”

”She made all of our magic books disappear for 3 weeks”

"Star is the best at working reading and SRP into her program, I
loved that she
changed her magic word to Bookawocky!"

"Very funny, she worked lots of comedy into the magic and
each trick was based
on a book!"

*"(she) even shows some of her favorite childhood books.  She
is an excellent

*"She mentioned the library often and the kids loved her silly
magic tricks”

*”I appreciate how she took time to promote reading and the
library in many
diffrent aspects of her prformance.”
Melsa Reading Magician Sta rMN